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Basim Digital social media marketing approach is to provide you with the best opportunity to profit from your social media programs. Our social media management services are very intentional on the way we go about implementing your social syndication and to leverage social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others to build your brand awareness, as well as generating organic traffic and leads on demand.

Social Media Management that drives results.

Why Social Media management?

Our intentional social media approach comes from years of experience working with small businesses. We understand that because of the unique position of most small businesses, they feel overwhelmed and frankly feel disillusioned about the effectiveness of social media.

Are you one of several business owners questioning whether social media content strategy actually works?

If you do so you are not alone. Your frustration is valid. You like many others may have started your social media programs with no strategy or purpose in place.

You have been told that if you spend enough time on social media and posting on a daily basis, that you will get results and lots of following. Of course you start to post, you tweet, and you share all sorts of information in an effort to meet the minimum level of daily post or monthly post.

But the question is. What is it that you are supposed to post to give you the level of engagement and keeping your brand on top of mind awareness from your social visitors? 

That is where the failure starts to set in.

Because you are trying to figure out every day what you are supposed to post. This leads you to posting random information that may or may not help to achieve your brand awareness goals.

Does the figure below represents the social media situation for your business currently?

Not having a defined social content strategy most likely will result in a scenario like what I have just shared. Just posting random things and expecting a different result will lead to what the illustration above depicts - initial excitement >> no excitement to >> complete abandonment of social media content strategy.

At Basim Digital Lab. we are consciously and actively asking ourselves these questions, before and during an ongoing social media engagement: 

Does this content create a good experience for the people?
Is this content engaging enough to motivate people to share with their network?

We recognize that social media platforms are a digital storefront for your business. This makes our intentional content management strategy to fit within the following numbers:

Click below and book a 15 mins strategy call and we will explain the meaning of these numbers in detail.

During the call, we will work through each of the numbered quadrants and show you exactly how each of our custom posts or curated posts meets or exceed the requirements and how those activities will impact your business.

Every content that we create for your social engagement must meet these numbers.

This is why we are confident to guarantee that you will get results from your social media engagement within the first 6 months.

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